Eorigin coin
Eoc(Eorigin coin) technology research and development team to build, was born in March 2016, is a tile-based chain of technological development to the center of the digital currency. It is a central agency without trade does not depend on the transfer side point of trust mechanism of virtual currency.

Combining software and cryptography block password mode, the platform networks and distributed databases, development, distribution, trading and account management operating system. Eorigin coin and thus can only be transferred or to pay real owner of cryptography-based design. Without borders, cross-border. Transnational remittances, without any control mechanism, it will not leave any cross-border transactions. Which system comprises a client wallet, mining applications, the block query, the query source

EOC in keeping up with the latest technology in the process of continuous improvement, to develop the perfect digital currency.
Very limited number of the world's total, is extremely scarce. Eorigin coin system 3 years of 50%, after decreasing, until the total amount is permanently limited to 21 million! 30 years to complete the total production, 30 years after the virtual currency will be fully accepted public institutions!
Each user has its own separate account and password, and has a proven record of effective, need to control Eorigin coin the private key, which is kept in isolation any storage medium. In addition to the user than no one can get.
Eorigin coin total credits only source 2100, to subscribe for 1 million annually ten years ago, only 100 million in new money to produce, after two decades, every year 400,000 new coins produced, compared to other high-volume digital currency brought inflation, E Source Prize money can better increase their value.
Not a central control mechanism, is a distributed virtual currency, constitute the entire network by the user, not the central bank. To the center is to ensure security and freedom. It completed the transaction to the center of the issue of action. Without going through any bank or other financial institution.
Eorigin coin is now on-line all the Exchange, after another meeting more trading platform, allowing users quick and easy transaction.
It can be managed on any computer connected to the Internet. Not subject to any central management agencies. Regardless of where anyone can dig, buy, sell or receive Eorigin coin.
The use of cryptography, Eorigin coin provides a very high security features, not only is nothing more than fake, but also to deal with a variety of network attacks.
Low transaction costs, from A to B as a means of payment, Eorigin coin no tedious formalities restrictions. We know each other Eorigin coin purse address can be paid.
Eorigin coin Wallet
Eorigin coin safely stored on your computer, tablet, or notebook digital wallets.
download immediately, a simple address and vendors can complete the balance of payments.
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  • Mobile mining, are being developed, coming soon
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Development Cooperation
Eorigin coin Internet-based digital currency, without any central agency management, based on point to point (peer-to-peer) technology, users can instantly payment to any person in the world. Different times different roles played by money from barter transactions to the shell, gold and silver transactions, each country's bills (cash) transactions, the emergence of digital money will once again promote social progress, aside from different countries currency restrictions, to achieve a real sense of global circulation.
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